The Clique
Innovative Marketing
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We conceptualise to the clients description the following services

  • Videography (shooting & editing) e.g. music videos, adverts, ceremonies etc
  • Graphics e.g. logos, posters, billboards, book covers etc
  • Photography

By Clique Visuals


Creative Director

Thulasizwe "Quarta Past" Somdyala, born and raised on the coastal plaines off the Eastern & Western Cape. Philosopher at heart with a BA (Politics, Philosophy & Economics) degree from Unisa, finds his expression in communicating holistic images in a clean & classic manner.

Favourite quote:

"Minute thinkers become vicious haters" - Kenneth "Boobie" Williams
"It is impossible to be a slave and an Afrikan at the same time. Choose one." - Dr Amos Wilson


Brian F.stop Nkete, born and bred in Highlands North, Johannesburg. Describes his work as an extension of love; with his gift of photography proving thoughts can be seen.



Graphic Designer

Madute 'Griffin' Ledwaba

- I will create until the end of my creation.
- I think I can smell colours...